Annual Political Post

As the title implies, I don’t plan to comment on politics often, but as the (most important election ever, the one that the world will end if you don’t vote in, and it’s your fault if the wrong person gets elected and if you aren’t constantly engaged in the political process, then you’re a bad person and you genuinely suck) midterms are tomorrow, I figured I would say a few words about it.

So, here we go.

  1. You should vote. Voting is your civic duty. Living in a democracy means learning about the issues, using all your faculties and resources to come to a stance, and then voting on that stance. For me, much of my politics comes from my faith. However, an honest look at myself, just like in almost everything, shows that I’m not always consistent in applying my faith to all situations.

I’m not going to try to convince you that any of my views should be yours, I’m not even going to tell you what my stances are, if you’re paying attention to past and future posts, it probably won’t be that difficult to figure it out. I think the most important thing, for me, is to try to make my politics consistent with what God says in his word, the Bible. Not the easiest thing for me to do all the time.

untitled2. How do Christians fit into the two-party system? We don’t, or at least shouldn’t. We should not espouse any single party line. Each item and issue, each human life and consequence, should be taken and considered as important. Pray, think, pray, decide, pray, reconsider, pray, decide, seek wise council, pray, decide, then remain humble and listen for God to speak to you. Meanwhile, care for others as Christ would. Clothe the naked, protect the widow and the orphan, care for the sick, visit and encourage those in prison and in pain. Be humble. Yes, I know I’m repeating myself. I’ll say it again, be humble.

If you call yourself a Christian, and all your hope is put into one Presidential candidate, or Senator, or Rep, or any human other that Jesus, I suggest that you re-evaluate your faith and get things in the proper order.

  1. Now, to these elections specifically. I generally lean conservative. But, in a world where many sides of things must be seen and heard to be understood, I don’t think that Democrats taking more seats in Congress would be the end of the world. Hold up, stay with me here.

I say this because, in my view, democracies work best through consensus and compromise. Not one party or the other steamrolling the other. Forcing a President to work together with Congress, would not be the end of the world. Call me crazy. This is not an endorsement for any one party. Honestly, I wish I could vote on issues, rather than along party lines. Neither party represents all my political views.

I’m not sure if anything I’ve said here is that original, but that’s that I suppose. Let me know what you think. I’d love to discuss my political views if you’re interested in hearing about them. Let me know in the comments or in a message. I’m not trying to keep them a secret, I just feel like I get so much unsolicited political opinion every day. I don’t want to add to the noise.

Talk again soon friends,



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