Thoughts from the Air

Well, As I write this I'm in the air, not sure what country I'm flying over but I'm guessing it's Iran. I've been waiting to come to this region my entire life, it seems unbelievable that I'm actually here. This may be an odd analogy, but I kind of feel like a kid on Christmas. … Continue reading Thoughts from the Air


Why Americans Don’t (and May Never) Understand Nation Building

I'm taking a brief interlude from my travel blog to bring you some thoughts, once again, about foreign relations. Obviously, CA (see previous post for explanation of this term) has been on my mind a lot and I've been reading as much as I can, trying to educate myself on the region. This is a … Continue reading Why Americans Don’t (and May Never) Understand Nation Building

Development and Democratization

I'll be the first to tell you that I am neither an expert on development nor democratization. However, I think I may have a few relevant thoughts. It is my belief that development lends itself to the promotion of democratic ideals (perhaps not specifically Western democratic ideals, but the point still stands.) As a general … Continue reading Development and Democratization