A Few Brief Thoughts on War

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the possibility of war with Iran. If this is news to you, get out from under your rock. Of course I’ve read a lot of analysis on what war with Iran could cost; higher gas prices, another decade of occupation, and the potential of driving Moscow and Beijing into each other’s arms.

However, what people tend to forget, or just add to the the costs without explicitly saying so, is the human cost. As the veterans of the Iraqi and Afghan wars return home they are plagued by body maiming injuries, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and other ailments. So many times, we (yes, myself included) look at the raw data of our nation having the strongest military in the world and forget the implications of actual men and women on the ground running these operations.

This is not a blog endorsing Ron Paul, but let the reader understand that Paul has gotten more donations from veterans than any other candidate. Just food for thought. Also, the three GOP front runners have never served in the military (not that it’s necessary for the President to have done so, it might help though). Hopefully, we will not have to go to war with Iran, although I for one think that a nuclear Iran will cause all sorts of problems in the Middle East, and not just the most obvious ones with Israel. So, am I for war? I guess so. But at the same time, I actually applaud the current President for trying to make diplomatic and economic measures work first (despite my other varied and numerous disagreements with him). I think I echo most of the country when I say that we don’t need another war in the Middle East.

Just to reiterate, why don’t we have a listen to what veterans have to say about who they think should be running the country?


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