Hello Again


More than three years have passed since I sat down to blog. Life looks drastically different than it did before.

For anyone reading this, I’m happy you’re here. I don’t know if I should encourage you to read my past posts or not. There are some gems buried in the rough there, have a go if you’ve got the time.

As for the future. A new season, a new blog. In the coming weeks, I intend to revamp both the look and content of this blog. One of the main reasons I quit writing, aside from not prioritizing it, is that I found my own content mind-numbingly boring. In college and before, I used to write as my primary outlet for, well, pretty much everything. Most of my words have and will never see the light of day beyond the handwritten journal, much to the benefit of the world. Trust me.

However, the new goal is to write several times a week with multiple, if unrelated, categories. I’m leaving behind the world of international politics and am done trying to give ‘young professionals’ advice. At least for now. My hope is that this will be a conduit to share my experiences as a father, husband, and son. I also intend to dive back into the numerous creative writing pursuits that have been gathering dust on the back shelves of my mind like my long dormant novel, my Modern Screwtape musings, and others. I hope that you might follow me here and leave your thoughts and comments.

Fair warning: This is not a safe place. Ideas should never be safe, they should constantly be held close to the glass of scrutiny and then put into the smelter to be refined. I do believe that there are objective truths, but I cannot think of a single example outside of that of the person of Jesus Christ. If you don’t want to hear anything about Him, I can’t force you to read it. But, if you can push past your own biases, I’ll try to do so as well. I don’t intend to brow beat people with the Bible, but I do strive (however imperfectly) to follow Christ in my life and be His example to my family and friends. Humility has forced its way into my life in many areas but I’ve never been known for it.

For now, I hope you’ll enjoy the things I write about, that they will be beneficial to you and that you’ll return time and time again.

TTFN friends. Talk to you soon.


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